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Why You Should Invest In A Garden Office ?

Why You Should Invest In A Garden Office ?

With working from home the new normal for many in the post-covid landscape, finding a designated office space which is free from distractions of home-life in high demand. So investing in a Garden Office is the perfect solution.

Garden Offices are a cost effective solution to this as most of our Garden Offices cost between £8000 and £13000 depending on what specifications requested on the Garden Office, this may seem expensive compared to a mere garden shed but you get more for your money such as:

  • More Office Space
  • Fully Lined And Insulated
  • High Quality
  • Pre-Fitted With Electrics, Heating and Lighting
  • Can Be Fitted With Bathroom And/Or Kitchen Facilities
  • Air Conditioning
  • Customisable With External Cladding Options
  • Low Maintenance

Why Buy Over Building From Scratch ?

There are many reasons why buying a pre-made office cabin is better than building one yourself from scratch and here is a list of why that is:

  • You Don’t Need To Have DIY Skills To Purchase A Garden Office But Will Do To Build From Scratch
  • Timing As Completing One From Scratch Will Take A Full Week’s Work In Dry Weather To Complete
  • Have To Source Materials and Tools Yourself In What’s Needed For The Job
  • Buildings Are Built By Professionals In Portable Buildings To Factory Standards
  • Fitting Plumbing & Electrics To Your Office Will Require Hiring A Plumber & Electrician
  • Connecting Electricity To The Office Will Required Armoured Cable Run From The House To Power If Built Yourself

Can I Claim VAT Back On A Garden Office ?

You can claim back VAT on a Garden Office provided you are VAT registered.

This is done by registering your business on HMRC if your VAT taxable turnover is more than £85,000. If your not registered however once you register you can claim back for 4 years prior to the effective date of your VAT registration. This is no different if you are a LTD company or a sole trader the process is exactly the same.

If you purchase one of our Garden Offices privately not for a business then you cannot claim back the VAT of the cabin.


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