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Jackleg Cabins with Plastisol External Finish
Durable, Low Maintenance Cabins

Telescopic Jacklegs +

Jackleg Cabins are named for their external steel legs called “Jacklegs” which enable these cabins to be lifted and stacked, the legs are also telescopic and each one can be adjusted for temporary positioning on uneven ground. Jacklegs are optional and can be removed to improve the external appearance if preferred.

Our Jackleg Cabin range comes as standard with a “Plastisol” external finish, Plastisol finish is 9mm Far Eastern Plywood which is laminated with plastic coated steel sheet. This gives our cabins a durable, low maintenance and attractive finish that is suitable for a variety of uses. Doors, fascia, skirting corners and jacklegs can be supplied either in the same colour or an additional colour if preferred. We can also offer a range of alternative external cladding options, including Timber or Brick effect if preferred.

All Jackleg Cabins are manufactured to order in any size, layout or specification required to suit your needs and requirements including: Offices, Canteens, Changing Rooms, Toilets, Showers or even Living Space to full Building Regulations requirements.

Jackleg Cabins – Technical Information

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Structural Design
The structure is designed and constructed in accordance with the following  standards and technical references:-

EN 1990 – Basis of Structural Design (UK Nat Annex)
EN 1991-1-1 – Actions on Structures – Densities & Imposed
EN 1991-1-3 – Actions on Structures – Snow Loads
EN 1991-1-4 – Actions on Structures – Wind Loads
EN 1991-1-7 – Actions on Structures – Accidental Actions
EN 1993-1-1 – Steel Structures – General Principles
EN 1995-1-2 – Steel Structures – Hot Rolled Elements
EN 1993-1-3 – Steel Structures – Cold Formed
EN 1995-1-5 – Steel Structures – Plate Elements
EN 1995-1-8 – Steel Structures – Joints
EN 1995-1-1 – Timber Structures – General Principles
EN 1995-1-2 – Timber Structures – Structural Fire Design
Building Regulations for England & Wales
Timber Designers Manual

Imposed Loadings
Floor – 3kN/m2
Roof – 0.75 kN/m2

Design Wind Speed
46 m/s, at single storey level only.

Fire Rating
• External face of walls – Class 0 surface spread of flame.
• Internal face of walls and ceiling – Class 0 surface spread of flame.
• 30min Integrity Stability protection.

Insulation Values
Walls ‘U’= 0.58w/m2k
Roof ‘U’= 0.56w/m2k
Floor ‘U’= 0.52w/m2k

38 x 125mm timber floor joists, fixed to 50 x 100mm timber skids and 45 x 125mm timber side plates. 18mm V313 T&G moisture resistant chipboard is fixed to the timber joists to give a level floor deck, covered with 2mm welded Polyflor XL vinyl “Graphite Grey”. Insulated with a single layer of floortherm foil thermal insulation.

Framework & External Finish:
70 x 34mm timber stud framework clad externally with “Plastisol” (9mm plywood laminated both sides with plastic coated steel). Alternative external cladding options such as timber cladding can be priced on request.
Internal Lining: 12.5mm vinyl faced plasterboard (white) is fixed to the timber wall framing; joints capped with special PVC ‘H’ section trims.
Skirting and Cornice: 45 x 10mm two part white upvc skirting and top cornice.

Roof (soffit type construction)
Design, Deck & Finish: The roof comprises 38 x 125mm softwood roof joists (400mm centres) chamfered to the ends to create a dual fall each way from centre. 12mm Stirling Board (OSB) is fixed to the joists covered with Marley rubberised roofing blanket. The roof is drained via upvc downpipe outlets at each soffit end of the roof.
Internal Ceiling Finish: 12.7mm White ‘Plaster’ vinyl faced pre-finished plasterboard is fixed directly to the timber roof joists; joints being capped with special PVC ‘H’ section trims. 60mm Fibreglass insulation quilt is fitted between the roof joists to help reduce heat loss.

External doors:
Kirncroft steel composite insulated doors with a 10 point locking system, paint finished in any standard BS or RAL colour.
Internal Doors: Internal door casings are white timber frames and stop laths with white painted architrave’s. Internal doors are pre-finished solid core oak laminate type hung on 2No. 75mm loose pin butt hinges.

900x1000mm FOV top hung white upvc framed double glazed units in standard clear glass complete with trickle vents and restrictor stays. Window linings are a white upvc one piece section. Alternative window types and sizes can be priced on request.

Consumer Unit:
A 6-way single phase consumer unit complete with RCD & MCB’s is fitted with an external inlet box. Your Jackleg Cabin will arrive direct complete with lighting, heating and power fitting. All units are pre-tested in accordance with current regulations and have written certification.
Lighting and Power Points: See Quotation Breakdown Sheet for details and quantities.
Heating: Is by means of individually controlled 2Kw convector heaters with timers. Air-conditioning can also be supplied as an optional extra.

Variations from this ‘Standard’ specification for specific units will be noted in our quotations for same.