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Portable Toilet Cabins and Shower Cubicles

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Portable Toilet Cabins & Shower Cubicles

Our shipping containers make for high-quality, cost-effective portable toilet cabins and portable showers. They can easily be positioned on-site, and manufactured according to your specifications to meet your requirements.


What Are Our Portable Toilet Cabins?

We use high-quality ISO shipping containers to make our portable toilet cabins. They are designed and manufactured to be easily connected to mains water supply, like a normal toilet or shower block, except they are conveniently portable and very easy to position. (These same benefits also apply to our portable offices and modular buildings.)

Our prefabricated toilet units and shower units come in a wide range of styles, such as Jackleg Cabins or Steel Cabins (also known as Shipping Container Toilets). These can be customised to suit your requirements with alternative external cladding provided if needed.

Our mobile toilets are perfect for campsites or construction sites that require temporary site toilets or changing rooms. What’s more, they serve as excellent disabled toilets and can be made with DOC M toilet packs that are DDA compliant – thereby equipped with everything you need such as grab rails or panic alarms.

Key Features Of Our Portable Toilet Cabins

  • Cost-effective
  • Robust construction with 20+ year life expectancy
  • Customisable in terms of design and colour
  • Alternative external cladding
  • Manufactured to meet building regulations
  • Manufactured in the UK


For a full breakdown of our Mini-Toilets and Showers features and specifications, download our product brochure.

Jackleg Portable Toilet Cabins For Sale

Jackleg Cabins are known for their high-standard specifications, with even the most basic models built to the highest quality. 

They are so named because of their external steel legs, called “Jacklegs”. The portable toilets are positioned, lifted, and stacked on these Jacklegs (though the Jacklegs can be removed if they are not required in your portable toilets and shower cubicles). These cabins are timber-framed, with standard Plastisol external cladding that can be customised.

Steel Portable Toilet Cabins

Steel cabins are highly durable and capable of withstanding environmental conditions across the UK. They are also vandal-proof and secure. This makes them perfect for portable toilet blocks or portable shower cabins on campsites or at festivals.

They have a fully welded steel chassis, with steel roof beams and floor joists. The walls and roof are made from  profiled or flat-sided 1.6 mm steel welded panels to provide a complete steel shell. This construction is similar to a shipping container and provides a secure anti-vandal cabin. The steel external shell is available in 2 different corrugated finishes or a flat-sided finish for a small additional cost.

Cost-Effective Mini-Toilet and Shower Cabins

Our mini-toilet and shower cabins are internally and externally made from steel, and are therefore extremely robust. They provide excellent value for money as portable toilet and shower facilities, and are available for immediate dispatch from various locations across the country. 

They come in 4 options:

  • 1.2 m x 1.4 m Single Mains Toilet Unit
  • 2.4 m x 1.4 m Double Mains Toilet Unit
  • 2.4 m x 1.4 m Single Mains Shower Unit
  • 2.4 m x 1.4 m Mains Combination Toilet/Shower Unit

Their standard colour designs are Gentian Blue (RAL 5010), Moss Green (RAL 6005), and Light Grey (RAL 7035), though we can supply these units in other RAL colours on special order.

Please note, we do not provide toilet hire or shower hire.

    Please note that we only ship to mainland UK. We also do not offer rental options. Please only contact us if you are looking to buy a container or cabin.


    How do portable toilet cabins work?

    A portable toilet cabin connected to the mains water supply and a sewage outlet works much the same way as a conventional toilet. If it is unconnected to both, then it disposes of waste by flushing it to a holding tank that typically is located within the unit, under the toilet seat.


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