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New Modular Buildings

new modular buildings

Permanent and Temporary Modular Office Buildings
Bespoke Units in a Variety of Designs

Bespoke Made +

Modular Buildings can provide a variety of solutions including permanent and temporary modular office buildings, sales offices, marketing suites, health centres, classrooms and site accommodation. All units are bespoke made in a variety of designs, such as single and multi-storey, as well as different styles of external cladding to suit the local environment.

Benefits of a Modular Solution

  • More cost-effective than a permanent structure
  • Re-locatable – potential to take the building with you if you move to a new premises or place of business
  • Ideal for construction sites, offices, hospital, schools and many more
  • Almost indistinguishable from typical site-built properties
  • Fast – can be installed up to 90% faster than traditional building methods
  • Environmentally beneficial

    Please note that we only ship to mainland UK. We also do not offer rental options. Please only contact us if you are looking to buy a container or cabin.


    Data +

    Structural Design
    The structure is designed and constructed in accordance with the following standards and technical references:-

    • BS 5268-2:2002 ‘Structural Use of Timber’
    • BS 5950-2:2001 ‘Structural use of steelwork in building. Specification for materials, fabrication and erection – Rolled and welded sections’
    • BS 5950-5:1998 ‘Structural use of steelwork in building. Code of practice for design of cold formed thin gauge sections’
    • BS 6399-1:1996 ‘Loading for buildings. Code of practice for dead and imposed loads‘
    • BS 6399-2:1997 ‘Loading for buildings. Code of practice for wind loads‘
    • BS 6399-3:1988 ‘Loading for buildings. Code of practice for imposed roof loads‘
    • BS 648:1964 ‘Schedule of weights of building materials‘
    • Timber Designers Manual ‘Ozelton & Baird’

    Imposed Loadings

    • Floor – 3.0kN/m2
    • Roof – 0.75 kN/m2

    Design Wind Speed

    • Calculated in accordance with BS 6399: Part 2 Fire Rating
    • External face of walls – Class 3 or Class 1 surface spread of flame (depending on finish)
    • Internal face of walls and ceiling – Class 0 surface spread of flame
    • Minimum 30min Insulation, Integrity and Stability protection – from inside to out

    Insulation Values

    • Walls ‘U’= 0.35w/m2k
    • Roof ‘U’= 0.225w/m2k
    • Floor ‘U’= 0.249w/m2k

    Please contact us for further information and prices.