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Vinyl Wrapping

Vinyl Wrapping

Please note we only offer vinyl wrapping to Cabins or Containers that we are building

What is Vinyl Wrapping  ?

Used for covering plain cabins with designs or company branding.

How Is Vinyl Wrapping Produced ?

Cast Film has excellent durability and conform-ability features, therefore is the higher quality option.

The first step into making cast film is to have the proper ingredients at hand, known as the formulation. Pre-measured ingredients added to a manufacturing mixing churner kept at a consistent speed to produce a consistent mixture. Organosol (produced from the mixture) poured onto a casting sheet is then moved through a series of ovens to evaporate any solvents.

This evaporation process is important as the end result is solid firm material with great dimensional stability.

Calendared Film uses the same ingredients as Cast Film minus the solvents, therefore is the economical option.

The first step into making Calendared Film is to place into a heated oven changing state of matter from a solid to a liquid. Then “polished steel rolls progressively squeeze and stretch the vinyl into a flat sheet”.

Having no stabilisers creates a state of memory in the manufacturing process.

Which results in a less dimensionally stable outcome exposed to heat time after time it eventually shrinks back to it’s original state.

The film known for being inexpensive as the manufacturing ingredients are low-grade and lack solvents.

The life span estimates to be between one and seven years when exposed daily to outside elements.

Benefits Of Vinyl Wraps

  • Cabin Wraps help disguise unsightly, pre-used, worn sales cabins and can also be used to create a fully branded cabin, helping your temporary sales cabin appear to be a more permanent feature of your company. Designs are almost limitless, so can easily accommodate your needs and help deliver your brand effectively and easily
  • To distract from an incomplete construction, and works well as shipping container wrap
  • To display any sales messages
  • High quality Vinyl Wrap can last up to 7 years if treated correctly


Uses & Applications of Vinyl Wraps

  • Used for sales cabins on a housing development to help push your branding, show promotions and offers and ensure that the site looks aesthetically pleasing.
  • Applied to the exterior of a building or cabin to transform the appearance
  • Give your Cabins a personal touch by using graphics and colours to help promote your business to grab attention or sales from customers
Vinyl Wrapping
Vinyl Wrapped Cabins