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Expandacom / Flat-Pack Office Cabins

flatpack site office

Expandacom Prefabricated Flat-Pack
Site Offices

Simple Assembly +

Flat-Pack Site Offices (Expandacom) are prefabricated and are an insulated closed volume demountable accommodation unit, designed for use in very restricted areas above and below ground.

Assembly is simple, and is achieved by mounting the sandwich panels and components into the steel frame and chassis, requiring only manpower. The unit comes with 1 x door panel and 2 x window panels as standard. These panels can be placed anywhere within the frame in order to design different configurations. Additional windows/doors can be supplied if required.

    Please note that we only ship to mainland UK. We also do not offer rental options. Please only contact us if you are looking to buy a container or cabin.

    Expandacom Price List



    Item Price
    Flat-Pack 6.0m x 2.3m Cabin (Expandacom) £5,284.00 + VAT
    Heavy Duty Window Guard (std window only) £145.00 + VAT
    Additional Standard Window Panel £300.00 + VAT
    Full Height Double Glazed Door Panel £650.00 + VAT
    Full Height Double Glazed Window Panel £450.00 + VAT
    Stacking/Lifting Kit (2 sets req’d to stack) £225.00 + VAT
    Linking Kit (6m side) £485.00 + VAT
    Linking Kit (2.3m end) £190.00 + VAT
    Standard Electrics Pack £295.00 + VAT
    Touch Up Spray (off white) £21.00 + VAT


    What Is a Portable Site Office or Cabin?

    A portable office or cabin is a complete building manufactured to be simple to relocate from one site to another.