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Chemical Stores

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Chemical Stores

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Cabins and Containers offers a range of solutions for storage of chemicals and hazardous materials. Our COSHH stores are converted from shipping containers to meet standard regulations, while our bunded stores are ideal for farm chemical stores. We also supply a standard range of flat-pack chemical stores as well as bespoke built options.

With an ever increasing focus on the environment. Cabins & Containers have an increased demand for secure and compliant chemical stores. Guidelines from the Environmental Agency and HSE (Health and Safety Executive) state that all hazardous substances such as chemicals, flammables, fertilizers and pesticides must be stored to safeguard the welfare of people, animals and the environment. Regulations have become tighter and are being more stringently implemented, and the responsibility is now upon the employer to do a COSHH assessment of materials to be stored.

The basic criteria for all chemical stores

These are stipulated in the code of practise for suppliers of pesticides to Agriculture, Horticulture and Forestry (The Yellow Code) and other areas requiring the use of chemical stores.

  • Suitably Sited 
  • Of Adequate Capacity 
  • Soundly Constructed Of Fire Resistant Materials 
  • Provided With Suitable Access And Exits 
  • Capable Of Containing 110% or 185% Of The Total Amount Of Pesticides/Chemicals Likely To Be Stored At Any Time 
  • Dry Internally & Frost Proof
  • Well Lit & Ventilated 
  • Marked With Appropriate Warning Signs
  • Secure Against Theft & Vandalism
  • Equipped, Organised And Staffed To A Suitable Standard




What Is a Chemical Store?



A chemical store is a storage container specifically designed to safely store toxic, hazardous or flammable chemical liquids or compounds.



Why Do I Need Spillage Retention/Bunding ?



You need spillage control or bunding in order to capture and retain any spilled hazardous chemicals, which might otherwise cause harm to personnel, or environmental pollution if they enter storm water drains and enter the groundwater or streams and rivers.

Any potential spillage will result in costly clean up charges, penalties from local authorities, negative publicity and the risk of injury to humans.



Do I Need To Separate Or Segregate My Different Chemicals ?



Yes, Non compatible chemicals should not be stored together and should not share the same bund, if there is a risk of a violent reaction when they come into contact with each other. Refer to the material safety data sheets (MSDS) or consult with your chemical supplier for advice.



Is Ventilation Required ?



Yes, Your chemical store should be ventilated to prevent accumulation of harmful vapours.Flammable vapours are heavier than air and settle at floor level, so if you are storing flammable chemicals, ventilations must be provided at floor level also. If personnel will be in the store for long periods, or will be decanting in the store, forced (electrical) ventilation should be fitted.



Is Temperature Control Possible ?



Yes, If your chemicals are sensitive to freezing or very high temperatures, you should consider having frost protection or full temperature control in your chemical store.