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Flat-Pack Modular

flat pack container building

Flat-Pack Modular Buildings

Flexible Construction +

Flat-Pack Buildings are a flexible, steel, modular high quality robust construction system which allows for individually designed, portable building space solutions with many layout options. Perfect for those in need of a home office or those who require office space in inaccessible areas. Similarly portable site offices constructed using our modular construction system are durable and can be customised both internally and externally to suit the needs of your project. Modular site offices and office buildings are a must for any construction site, the ease of construction and portability are key requirements.

These Flat-Pack Modular Buildings can be used either as individual units or in combinations to form larger, bespoke modular buildings or storage container units and more complex portable cabins. By leaving out wall panels and installing partition walls any room size can be quickly and easily created to suit your requirements. Flat pack modulars can be fitted with anything from toilets, prestige showers and spacious canteens to sophisticated office layouts and peaceful sleeping accommodation, as well as compact and diverse site kiosks.

The individual cabins have a unique building system in which they can be linked in a wide range of ways such as side by side, end to end or in both directions simultaneously, they can also be stacked on top of each other to form 2 storey or 3-storey buildings (internal staircases – available as an option).

High-quality UPVC windows with double glazing, powder coated and integrated roller shutters come included together with a recessed CEE power connector within the roof frame, with the option to buy a socket set for the modular building. We offer a variety of external cladding options to ensure full customisation of your flat pack cabin.

The height of cabins, when packed, is 648mm. Packs weigh slightly more than assembled cabins. All designs are subject to alterations.

Extended height units are also available with an external height of 2,800mm (2540mm Internal, 864mm packaged).

Ideal For Temporary Office Accommodation or Site Accommodation

Flat Pack Modular Features

  • Value – Flat Pack Cabin Modules are supplied complete and ready to assemble offering extremely cost effective accommodation and providing exceptional value for money
  • Insulation – Wall Panels are 80mm sandwich panels with a Rockwood core providing high levels of insulation, keeping heating costs low and eliminating cold and drafts
  • Compliance – Manufactured to CE certification and Eurocode standards in a strictly quality controlled factory environment with ISO 9001:2000 quality assurance certificate
  • Rapid Assembly – Easy to assemble and supplied with comprehensive installation instructions and a tool kit. Structures have a design life of 30+ years and guaranteed for one year 
  • Attractive – Carefully designed finishes and sharp attention to detail provide an attractive building that can blend seamlessly into the surroundings
  • Safe & Secure – A robust steel frame, rigid sandwich panel walls, security doors and double glazed windows makes the building safe and secure. We also offer metal storage containers.
  • Transportable – Fully portable and flat packed to reduce transport costs modules do not need foundations and can be easily moved from location to location – an ideal portable flat pack office or building choice.
  • Modular – Structures are modular in design allowing multiple modules to be arranged together to form clusters or large complex volumetric buildings

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    Data +

    External Sizes & Dimensions

    Unit Size Length(mm) Width(mm) Height(mm) Weight(kg)
    10ft 2989 2435 2591 1245
    16ft 4885 2435 2591 1687
    20ft 6055 2435 2591 1924
    30ft 9120 2435 2591 2689

    Internal Sizes & Dimensions

    Unit Size Length(mm) Width(mm) Height(mm) Weight(kg)
    10ft 2795 2240 2340 1245
    16ft 4690 2240 2340 1687
    20ft 5860 2240 2340 1924
    30ft 8925 2240 2340 2689


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