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We have 2 main manufacturers who supply our cabins for our clients, Phoenix and Integra. We have used them both for many years and always provide a quality service that we can deliver to you.

Both based in Hull because the majority of the UK’s Shipping Containers come into Hull from overseas.

Meaning its the best place to home the manufacturer of converted shipping containers to portable buildings.


Phoenix is a family run business founded in 2003 and the UK’s largest independent provider of portable buildings.

The reasons we choose Phoenix as one of our suppliers are:

  • 20 Year Warranty
  • Highly Skilled Team
  • Affordable & Cost Effective
  • Timber Framed Buildings
  • MPBA Member

Bespoke design is the main focus for Phoenix for all Modular and Anti-Vandal buildings, expert designers tailor make the designs for clients before the construction process begins .

They also have reliable delivery drivers to transport the finished containers to you as well as dedicated fitters to help install the cabins when they arrive on site.



Our other main manufacturer is Integra who again is based in Hull founded in 1997 so have over twenty years of experience in the industry.

An award winning supplier of Modular buildings specialising in them as well as steel anti-vandal containers.

Modular Buildings are the future of the construction industry according to Integra.

Designed to suit any purpose Modular Buildings, from sports and leisure to offices and schools and guarantee structurally stability for up-to 60 years.

A full turn-key package is available through the process of the cabin, the design concept of the initial idea to the manufacturing process of the cabin to it being delivered and installed on site.

Integra provide a high quality service throughout the process,

Concept designs are completed by specialist BIM managers, REVIT quality technicians and a fully qualified architect.

In a controlled environment in the factory during the manufacturing process with quality check to impeccable standards at every stage of the process to make sure you cabin is the best it can possibly be.