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Expandastore – The UK’s best selling man portable flat packed storage unit

From 2018, the UK’s best selling flat-pack store has received a major makeover from top to bottom.

The improved security features, stronger wall panels, stainless steel hinges and rounded roof corners ensure it is the best buy in the market.

Looking closer the entire structure has been improved not only aesthetically but the build quality and ease of use has improved all round.

Now in stock, the new store ensures that the Expandastore is leading the market and set to stay there without a price increase.

Quick Overview  

  • Stainless steel hinges improve security and appearance. The door and frame have increased steel thickness
  • The new Expandastore can be insulated in minutes by fitting the optional insulation pack. No other flat-pack store offers this option. Consisting of insulated galvanised steel panels the system fits onto the new pre-engineered profiles within the store, no other fittings required.
  • The edges on the roof have been replaced with specifically designed die cast aluminium corners. This improves the appearance, strength, durability and protects the corners from knocks when moved from site to site.

These innovative upgrades now feature across the whole of the Expanda range

Key Features

  • Man Portable – No Lifting Gear Or Cranes Required
  • Demountable – Dismantles Into Flatpack Form Quickly
  • Versatile – Expandastore Can Be Used Anywhere You Can Carry It
  • Secure – New Improved Double Locking System Is Standard
  • Flexible – Available In A Range Of Sizes With Accessories To Suit Your Individual Needs
  • Complete – Everything Required For Assembly Is In The Kit. No Additional Fixings Needed
  • Simple – No Specialist Tools Are Required For Assembly, Just A Socket Set
  • Quick – Ready For Use In 20 Mins
  • Robust – The Latest Version Features Thicker Walls And Improved Overall Sturdiness
  • Great Value – Latest Version With No Price Increase

So if you need additional storage space that’s of high quality, robust construction but light enough to be man portable, will fit in even the most inaccessible areas and is quick and easy to assemble. Expandastore is the solution.

Listed below is a price list of all are different types of Flat-Pack Stores and additions you may add to them such as linking kits and shelves.


Data +

2m x 2.1m Flat-Pack Store (Galvansied) £1,095+ VAT
3m x 2.1m Flat-Pack Store (Galvanised) £1,295 + VAT
4m x 2.1m Flat-Pack Store (Galvanised) £1,595 + VAT
Linking Kit – All Sizes (Galvanised) £55 + VAT
2m x 2.1m Flat-Pack Store (Powder Coated) £1,200 + VAT
3m x 2.1m Flat-Pack Store (Powder Coated) £1,495 + VAT
4m x 2.1m Flat-Pack Store (Powder Coated) £1,795 + VAT
Linking Kit – All Sizes (Powder Coated) £70 + VAT
2m x 2.1m Flat-Pack Store Insulation Kit £550 + VAT
3m x 2.1m Flat-Pack Store Insulation Kit £625 + VAT
4m x 2.1m Flat-Pack Store Insulation Kit £725 + VAT
Forklift Feet (Set of 4) £50 + VAT
Adjustable Levelling Feet (Set of 4) £40 + VAT
Folding Steel Ramp (Green) £85 + VAT
Shelf Uprights £18 + VAT
Shelf Arms £10 + VAT
1000mm Sump Shelves £28 + VAT
1900mm Sump Shelves £45 + VAT
Storage Bin £70 + VAT
Cable/Hose Holder £10 + VAT
Door Closer £40 + VAT
External Locking Bar ( With Padlock) £57 + VAT
Touch Up Spray (For Powder Coated Units) £17.50 + VAT

    We do not offer rental options. Please only contact us if you are looking to buy a container or cabin.