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Prodema Cladding

Prodema Cladding

What Is Prodema Cladding ?

Prodema Cladding panels are highly durable, impact resistant boards with a high grade natural wood veneer. Finished with natural wood and coated with Prodema in-house formulated acrylic resin finish. Hardy and element proof, these cladding panels are completely watertight. In conclusion Prodema panels show excellent colour and gloss appearance after 10 years of external exposure.

Characteristics Of Prodema Cladding

  • Durable & Resistant – The components used to treat the wood and the overlays put on top give the cladding more weather resistant guaranteeing more durability and are maintenance free because of this.
  • Technologically Advanced – Prodema Cladding consists of a high density Bakelite core, clad in a veneer of natural wood. Surfaces treated with synthetic resin and exterior PVDF film.
  • PVDF Film – The resistant PVDF film protects Prodema panels from all weather conditions, graffiti and non-stick. Therefore protects panels from organic matter and reduces build up of dust and air pollution. 
  • Environmentally Friendly – The environmental impact of Prodema panels is measured through their EPD (Environmental Product Declaration). Panels manufactured in facilities  implement an ISO 14001 environmental management system. Facilities in which panels are created, an ISO 14006 eco-design management system is implemented to identify areas of sustainability.  

Prodema Cladding Appearance

Each Prodema panel is faced with a natural wood veneer, every panel will be unique and will exhibit differences in grain and colour within the same supply. For instance Prodema carefully selects the wood veneers in an endeavour to ensure that the colour within a batch will be as similiar as possible. The high quality and beautiful finish of Prodema remains in the upper price range for fully external cladding and internal panels

Prodema Cladding