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Brick Slip Cladding

What is brick slip cladding?

Brick slips are essentially tiles that look like brick. They are made from clay and fired in ovens like conventional bricks, or are cut from standard-width bricks. They carry the same warmth and character as real bricks, though they are thinner, lighter, and more versatile.

And brick slip cladding is a type of wall cladding system that uses brick slips to accomplish a traditional brick finish.

The benefits of brick slip cladding systems

Using brick slips as the material of choice over traditional bricks has become more and more popular over the years, and this is due to brick slip cladding systems bringing with a number of benefits including: 

  • they are more cost-effective than standard bricks
  • they offer design and aesthetic flexibility
  • they look genuine
  • they are quick and easy to install without requiring additional modifications
  • they save space and, when compared with standard bricks, can help you reduce wall thickness by as much as 8 cm to increase floor space 
  • they are available in a wide range including cut brick slips, long bricks or smarter and sustainable ECO brick slips
  • they are low maintenance

What’s more, brick slips can be installed anywhere. For example, brick slip cladding may be used for:

  • Feature Walls: There is a wide range of brick slips available in different colours, designs and textures, even mimicking the aesthetic of glazed bricks and Terracotta Faïence. They can blend with almost any existing decoration, with feature walls providing great opportunities to experiment with different decors. 
  • Renovations: In comparison to traditional brickwork, brick slip cladding is quick and easy to fix and install. Brick slip panels may be added to existing external or internal wall cladding, providing a simple way to renovate a building and give it the appearance of new and visually distinct brick walls.
  • Outbuildings: Because external brick slip cladding comes in a variety of finishes – such as glazed brick, long brick, stock brick, wire-cut brick, water-struck brick, and handmade brick – they can be used to create a brick slip system that adds terrific character to outbuildings. 

Can you use brick slips externally?

The short answer is yes. Brick cladding in the UK is used for both external and internal walls. If required, they can be bonded to wall insulation panels to guarantee warmth during winter while matching the appearance of standard bricks. 

External brick slip cladding systems can also be used for aesthetic flourishes or refurbishment projects. For example, it’s easy to install brick cladding on external walls, chimneys or building facades to give them a new and refreshed look.

And brick slips are popular nowadays both in commercial and residential areas when it comes to internal wall cladding. Regular or long format brick slips can be used to transform the age, character and feel of a space, or to provide a more urban industrial look. 

Do brick slips last?

Clay brick slips are fired in ovens and are made like conventional bricks, which lends them the same durable qualities that are ideal for all weather conditions. As long they are fixed and fitted correctly, brick slips will last a long time. 

If you’re interested in learning more about brick slips and whether brick slip cladding may be the ideal solution for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us. For more than a decade, we have supplied new and used high quality portable buildings, and offer expert guidance.

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