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Bespoke Shipping Container Office UK | Portable Offices from
New or Used ISO Shipping Containers

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Shipping container offices are constructed from new or used ISO Shipping Containers which are lined, insulated and converted into portable cabins, offices or site accommodation units. Site Offices, Canteens, Shipping Container Home Offices, Mess Rooms, Drying Rooms, Toilets, Showers, Welfare Units and many other types are available – all bespoke, made to order to your individual requirements and specifications.

Converted container office from new or used ISO Shipping Containers.

We offer a wide range of high quality 40ft shipping and 20ft shipping containers which are ideal for office space. One of the main uses for our converted shipping containers.

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    Please note that we only ship to mainland UK. We also do not offer rental options. Please only contact us if you are looking to buy a container or cabin.


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    Unit Construction – One Trip or Used ISO Shipping Container 20ft or 40ft, remove double shipping container doors and weld in profiled steel doors or end panel to match existing container.

    Walls – Timber studding 75mm x 45mm, insulated with 80mm rock wool and lined with 8mm beige melamine internal wallboard. 2 part plastic section at joints (cream 37mm wide). Top of wall trimmed with 40mm x 25mm white electrical trunking (also containing all wiring within the unit). Base of wall black or brown PVC skirt (minimum 40mm).

    Roof – Timber studding 75mm x 45mm ceiling insulated with 80mm rock wool and lined with 3.6mm white mono board. 27mm wide plastic section at joints (white). Ventilation to the roof is through the original container vents.

    Floor – Minimum 18mm plywood covered by Black 1.5mm Polyflor XL with heat welded seams.

    Windows (container office and canteen units) – 1no Steel sliding window complete with security shutters. Window size TBA.

    High-level windows (toilet and shower units) – 4no high-level windows (610mm x 230mm) with aluminium frames, glazed with 4mm obscure single glazed float (no mesh guards fitted)

    Pedestrian access doors – 1no Steel Door with an opening of 810mm x 1985mm includes 10 point locking mechanism with cast alloy round handles.

    Paint Colour – Painted any single BS or RAL colour of choice (white/yellow extra).

    Additional Features:

    Toilet Facilities – designed & priced on application. Please call for further details.

    Shower Facilities – designed & priced on application. Please call for further details.

    Canteen Facilities – designed & priced on application. Please call for further details.

    Drying Room Facilities – designed & priced on application. Please call for further details.

    Electrical Equipment (240v UK) – Independent consumer unit fitted to each conversion with standard electrics, lighting & heating as per main unit design. Please call for further details.

    Plumbing – designed & priced on application. Please call for further details.






    Do I Need Planning Permission ?






    We build and supply portable buildings and are not part of the UK construction industry. Therefore, our expertise doesn’t include the specifics of planning, and we always recommend that all clients enquire with their local council before committing to and order.






    How Much Does A Shipping Container Cost ?






    Prices vary in accordance with availability, international exchange rates and market conditions. For more information about the price of shipping containers, please contact us 






    How Big Is A Shipping Container ?






    Standard ISO shipping containers are only manufactured as 20ft x 8ft or 40ft x 8ft. 10ft x 8ft and 8ft x 8ft variations are also available in very small numbers but since these cannot be used for international shipping the overall cost is generally higher than a standard 20ft container.






    How To Buy A Shipping Container ?






    If you’re looking to buy a shipping container, you can rely on Cabins and Containers to provide high quality containers and a complete and professional service. Get in touch with us now to buy your shipping container






    How Long Do Shipping Containers Last ?






    Shipping containers last 25-50 years depending on the environment and maintenance






    How Much Does A Shipping Container Weigh ?






    They can vary slightly but 20ft containers are approximately 2.3-2.5 Tonnes, 40ft containers are approximately 3.5-3.8 Tonnes






    Are Shipping Containers Waterproof ?






    Yes, but they legally to have small high levels vents so they would eventually fill with water is submerged but other than that they are designed to be water tight.