Do you offer cabin hire?

No, we offer no hire services whatsoever. This means we have no additional yard costs, have no fleet to maintain, and can focus on delivering a more professional sales and project management service to our customers.

What are your terms and conditions?

Our full terms and conditions of supply can be read and downloaded here.

What are your payment terms?

Unless otherwise agreed, payment must be made in full upon confirmation of order. If you’re purchasing a standard, in-stock item with no lead-time, then payment will always be required upfront and in full. If your order carries a significant lead-time or is for a large sum of money, then we may agree to deposit payment terms in certain circumstances. Additionally, we will always provide payment terms of 28 days from invoice to any government agencies, local authorities and most charities. Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss further.

How do I pay?

Our preferred method of payment is bank transfer. We can also accept cheques if necessary. Unfortunately due to legislation changes we are no longer able to accept card payments.

Can I set up an account?

We offer no account terms to anyone, as the nature of our products means it’s highly unlikely that any customer will be making multiple purchases monthly. As discussed above, we may be able to offer payment terms, depending on the size and nature of your order.

Do your products come with a warranty?

All our new buildings come with a one-year product warranty and five-year structural warranty as standard, but there are some exceptions which aren’t covered so please get in touch if you have any specific questions. Generally speaking, we’re a small business with a common sense approach, and will always aim to help any customers having issues with our products.

Do you trade outside of the UK?

Generally speaking, we don’t ship our units abroad or trade outside of the UK, but there are exceptions to this for customers in Ireland, the Channel Islands etc. where customers are paying in GBP (£) and are able to organise export themselves.

Do you keep anything in stock?

The nature of our industry means that the majority of our sales are bespoke built to order. However, many products we offer are generally always in stock and ready to go, including all flat-pack units, shipping containers, mini toilets and standard security huts. We also maintain a wide selection of used and refurbished portable cabins, stores and modular buildings available for immediate delivery across the UK.

Can I view the products?

Our stock of used and refurbished cabins can be viewed in person at the yard in Gosfield, Essex, but we’re unable to offer viewings for any new units. All new bespoke and stock items are located at various ports, haulage yards and factories across the UK in order to keep transport costs down, and none of these sites are at all appropriate for use as sales showrooms. On very rare occasions, we’re able to organise factory visits for particularly large projects. Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss further.

Do you handle groundworks and site installations?

We only complete work on site for the installation of modular buildings where installation will be explicitly listed on all paperwork. For sales of all other cabins, flat-pack buildings, containers and stores, our work is complete once the unit leaves the factory or depot. We only attend site in very specific circumstances, such as completing risk assessments or carrying out repairs under warranty.

Do I need planning permission?

We build and supply portable buildings and are not part of the UK construction industry. Therefore, our expertise doesn’t include the specifics of planning, and we always recommend that all clients enquire with their local council before committing to an order.

What does the term 'welfare' mean relating to cabins?

All employers have to provide welfare facilities for their employees, regardless of where those employees are based. Portable cabins providing toilet and kitchen facilities, mess rooms and even drying rooms are often referred to as welfare units. Generally speaking though, a true welfare unit is a standalone cabin fitted with a generator and chemical toilet that can be positioned in the most remote locations as a ‘site-starter’, providing welfare facilities before mains water and electric connections are installed on site.

Do you offer transport/haulage services?

Although we don’t operate our own fleet of vehicles, we will always allow for haulage as part of any portable building quote. This haulage service is completed by third-party companies selected by us from a network of hauliers across the UK.

Can you offload and position the building for us?

Yes. Our hauliers use vehicles equipped with specialist lifting equipment designed for loading, unloading, lifting and positioning portable buildings. Generally speaking, all transport costs quoted are for a ‘Delivery and Offloading’ service, which includes for offloading the unit into position on site.

What are our responsibilities?

To be able to transport and safely offload portable buildings to our customers, we require safe and suitable access and hardstanding for delivery. Check obstructions like overhead power or telephone lines, ensure that the ground conditions are safe and adequate, and ensure that access routes to site are large enough to accommodate. If you’re unsure about anything, please get in touch for further details.

Do you have a brochure for jackleg cabins?

Although we have a brochure including details on the general specifications of our jackleg units, every new build jackleg we supply is bespoke to individual requirements, so we have no standard price list. Please get in touch with your specific requirements and we’ll come back to you with a price ASAP.

Do you have a brochure for steel anti-vandal cabins?

Although we have a brochure including details on the general specifications of our steel anti-vandal units, every new build cabin we supply is bespoke to individual requirements, so we have no standard price list. Please get in touch with your specific requirements and we’ll come back to you with a price ASAP.

What do you have in stock?

We generally maintain stock of all 3 standard sizes of Security Huts, most types and sizes of Shipping Containers, all items from the Flat-Pack range of units along with a selection of used/refurbished cabins. If what you’re looking for isn’t listed, just get in touch. Alternatively, we store our used and refurbished units in Gosfield, Essex and can arrange a yard visit if you’d like to view in person.

Have you got any flat-pack buildings in stock?

There is an exclusive UK distributor of these products who maintains all stock. It makes no sense for us to stock these items ourselves, as the transport charges two ways would make us more expensive than every other reseller in the UK.

I have a building to sell, are you interested?

We’re always interested in purchasing used buildings of any sort. Please get in touch and send through as much information as possible along with some images.

What is the difference between a steel store and a shipping container?

Unlike shipping containers, steel anti-vandal stores are built in the UK from mild steel, bespoke to individual customer requirements. You can read more about steel anti-vandal stores here.

What are your terms and conditions?

Due to the nature of the products we supply and the larger companies buying them, we have written Terms and Conditions of Supply in order to protect ourselves legally. However, please don’t be scared by the lengthy legal document. We’re a small family business with a common sense approach, and will always aim to do right by our customers.

Our full terms and conditions of supply can be read and downloaded here.