Flat-Pack Chemical Stores

Flat-Pack Chemical Stores

Safe Storage +

Flat-Pack Chemical Stores/Containers (Expandachem) are designed especially for the safe storage of hazardous materials, featuring double doors for easy access, a sumped base for contained spillage and a suspended steel grated floor.

Great for sitting in locations with limited access, it is light enough to be manhandled and the components are small enough to fit through small passageways. No need for cranes, forklifts or specialist tools. Just a socket set – and you’re away!

    We do not offer rental options. Please only contact us if you are looking to buy a container or cabin.


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    Item Price
    2m x 2.1m Flat-Pack Chemical Store £2,195 + VAT
    3m x 2.1m Flat-Pack Chemical Store £2,510 + VAT
    4m x 2.1m Flat-Pack Chemical Store £3.075 + VAT
    2.1m End Linking Kit £75 + VAT
    2m Side Linking Kit £75 + VAT
    3m Side Linking Kit £95 + VAT
    4m Side Linking Kit £95 + VAT
    Shelf Uprights £15 + VAT
    Shelf Arms £9 + VAT
    1000mm Sump Shelf £24 + VAT
    1900mm Sump Shelf £40 + VAT
    Storage Bin £60 + VAT
    Cable/Hose Holder £9.50 + VAT
    Door Closer £40 + VAT