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We realise that often new and refurbished container cabins and portable cabin buildings costs are untimely in relation to cash-flow and have found in the past that exploring finance options, such as leasing, hire purchase and loans on new and refurbished container cabins and portable cabin buildings, can be a very useful option.

We work alongside Gable Asset Finance who specialise in arranging finance for businesses buying Portable Buildings, Containers & Stores, Chemical Stores and Modular Buildings. They work in partnership with manufacturers, dealers and contractors to offer bespoke finance & leasing packages to businesses of all sizes across all commercial sectors at the best possible rates.

Finance packages can include ALL aspects of new and refurbished container cabins and portable cabin buildings, allowing one east monthly payment for an entire project. An increasing number of our clients are looking at leasing as a way of financing a container cabins and portable cabin buildings project.

The Main Benefits Include

  • Easier Budgeting
  • Management Of Cash Flow
  • Flexibility To Add To The Lease As Necessary
  • Conserves Capital And Preserves Existing Borrowing Power
  • Rentals Are 100% Tax Allowable, Which Means Leasing Can Work Out Cheaper Than Paying Cash !
  • Payments Come From A Revenue Budget As Opposed To A Capital Budget
  • Helps Cash Flow – No Big Cash Outlay Means You Keep Cash Within Your Business To Invest In Other Revenue-Generating Projects
  • Fixed Payments For Accurate Budgeting And Forecasting
  • Get The Best Solution Now By Spreading The Cost, Rather Than Being Restricted By Your Current Capital Budget
  • Match The Lease Of The Fit-Out To The Lease On Your Building
  • Leasing Is Quick To Approve ( Usually 2 to 3 Days) And In Most Cases Is Secured Only On The Assets

Leasing – A Great Way To Finance Your Project

Are You Currently Planning A Refurbishment And Fit-Out Project ?

Refurbishment and fit-out budgets are often under scrutiny and managers are constantly under pressure to deliver amazing results on limited budgets.

If you are currently planning a refurbishment and fit-out project and looking at ways of getting the most from your available budget, then you may be interested to know that you can lease your refurbishment project as an alternative to funding it using cash or bank facilities.

Most customers would not think twice about leasing items such as company vehicles or IT equipment, these are well established and trusted methods of finance. The same principles and benefits however also apply to fit-out and refurbishment, but many business owners assume it’s not an option due to the nature of the asset. Lease finance is an increasingly popular method of finance to help businesses achieve the new design they want rather than being constrained by their existing budgets/

Leasing is a fully tax allowable method of spreading the cost of refurbishing or fitting-out an interior over 3 to 5 years. Unlike any other method of finance such as a bank loan, lease payments are fixed for the payment period allowing you to budget effectively with no unexpected surprises such as interest rate or inflation increases.

Paying upfront for an interior project can be a significant drain on cash resources and a potential stumbling block in signing off a new office design, but leasing avoids the initial capital outlay and preserves your existing bank credit lines leaving working capital available for future investment into revenue generating plans.

Whether your project is large or small, lease finance is available not just for furniture and interiors, but packages can also encompass all aspects of the business environment including computer hardware and software, telecoms, audio and visual and much more.

Key Benefits Of Finance & Leasing

  • 100% Tax Allowable – Lease rentals are 100% tax allowable means they can be set against company profit. This makes leasing the most tax efficient method of financing your office project and it often works out even cheaper than paying cash!
  • Preserve Borrowing Power – Leasing means you preserve your existing bank credit lines without compromising future working capital
  • Overcome Budget Limitations – By spreading the cost over 1-7 years you can acquire the solution that fully meets your needs now rather than being restricted by your current capital budget. You can make repayments monthly, quarterly or annually to suit your business requirements.
  • Ease Cash Flow – In most cases they can arrange A lease facility with no deposit having minimal impact on company cash flow.
  • Total Flexibility – They will tailor all leases to suit your individual requirements taking into account your personal circumstances such as lease on buildings and break clauses.
  • Include Everything – All costs of your furniture or refit in one lease agreement. In addition to furniture and interiors, their lease packages can also encompass all aspects of the environment including computer hardware and software, telecoms, audio visual equipment, photocopiers and faxes.

Finance And Leasing Products Are Available For The Following Products

  • Jackleg Cabins
  • Steel Cabins
  • Security Huts
  • Gatehouse Cabins
  • Timber Clad Cabins
  • Garden Offices
  • Portable Toilet Blocks & Shower Cubicles
  • Sales & Marketing Suites
  • Used Cabins
  • Cladding
  • Expandakabin / Flat-Pack Cabins
  • Flat-Pack Containers
  • Flat-Pack Office Cabins
  • Flat-Pack Bike Stores
  • Shipping Containers
  • Steel Container Storage And Anti-Vandal Stores
  • Chemical Stores
  • Shipping Container Conversions
  • Shipping Container Offices
  • Flat-Pack Containers
  • Bunded Chemical Stores
  • Flat-Pack Chemical Stores
  • Hazardous Materials Stores
  • COSHH Stores
  • New Modular Buildings
  • Modular Steel Buildings
  • Flat-Pack Modular
  • Used Modular Buildings

Cabins and Containers (UK) work in partnership with Gable Asset Finance, the UK’s market leading specialist in arranging for business acquiring new and refurbished container cabins and portable cabin buildings, so if you are interested in finding out more about finance options for your project, please contact one of our team or alternatively get in touch with Gable Asset Finance on 0208 371 5973 or 07956 156 354 or check out their website Gable Asset Finance and Asset Equipment Finance.