Bunded Chemical Stores

Bunded Chemical Stores

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Bunded Chemical Stores are converted from Standard ISO Shipping Containers to BASIS Standards, either using New (One Trip) or used containers available in 20ft or 40ft long and 8ft wide. Each store has a catchment area with a 300mm Bund at the entrance complete with a drainage tap, 4no. large louvre vents, a factory fitted lock-box and hazard warning labels.

We supply a high-security CISA padlock with each unit and also offer a wide range of optional extras including steel racking, electrics, personnel doors and many more.

Our Bunded Chemical Stores are a very affordable chemical storage solution and are ideal for storage of items such as agricultural chemicals.

At any site that uses hazardous liquids or chemicals, there needs to be provision to store these liquids safely. The haphazard storage of oil drums and tanks is no just dangerous to the employees who may come into contact with a liquid should it be spilled, it can also be damaging to the environment if a substance is spilled and not contained. More importantly, it is also against current regulations to not have procedures and equipment in place to stop liquids spilling.

Bunded Storage Containers

There are lots of different bunded storage facilities available for the industrial user. Bunded storage containers can hold a number of standard drums but if any or all of the drums leak, the container has an area under the drums to collect the spilled liquid.

Using a bunded storage vessel will ensure that if the tank or drum fails, the content will be contained. This lowers the chances of your employees being affected by a spill, lowers the chances of the spilled liquid causing damage to the environment and brings you in line with current hazardous storage regulations.

    We do not offer rental options. Please only contact us if you are looking to buy a container or cabin.


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    • 20ft or 40ft ISO Shipping Containers (new or used)
    • Fully welded & sealed 3mm Checkerplate Steel Floor
    • 300mm Steel Bund to retain any spilled liquids (standard height, can be reduced if required)
    • Drain point installed into front of bund
    • Ventilation – 4no large louvre vents (2x low level near doors and 2x high level at rear end)
    • Double Container Doors at one short end with fitted lockbox (includes CISA Container Padlock)
    • Hazardous sticker attached to exterior of unit
    • New Container Conversions available in 2 colours – Blue RAL5010 or Green RAL6007
    • Used Containers repainted Dark Blue, Dark Green, Brown or Grey


    What Is A Chemical Bund ?

    A bund is basically a large tray into which you sit your containers of chemicals, so that if they leak, the spilled chemicals is captured and retained in the bund. The bund should capture a leak which might otherwise go unnoticed.

    What Size/Capacity Does My Bund Need To Be ?

    Your bund should be 110% of the capacity of the largest chemical container you are storing i.e for a 1000 litre IBC tank your bund must be a minimum of 1100 litres. If you are storing multiple containers, your bund capacity must be either 110% of the capacity of the largest container you are storing, or 25% of the total combined volume of the containers you are storing – whichever is the largest figure. The bunds on our chemical stores exceed these bund capacity guidelines.

    Can I Have An Outlet On My Chemical Storage Bund ?

    No, It is not recommended that outlets be fitted to bunds as it increases the risk of accidental spillage through either outlets being left opened or becoming damaged.

    Should My Bund’s Be Tested ?

    Yes, all bunds should be tested on a regular basis to ensure that they will retain spilled chemicals. All our bund’s are tested during the manufacturing stage and bund test certificates are available.