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Stone Cladding


Stone Cladding

What Is Stone Cladding ?

Stone Cladding is a refined or thin layer of natural or artificial stone. Applied to interior or exterior walls gives the same effect as stone

How Is Stone Cladding Made ?

Manufactured by quarrying natural stone and milling it into thin pieces.

Variety of different sizes, thickness, shapes and patterns can be created.

Supplied by either a single stone piece or a large bespoke panel prefabricated from a number or pieces, such as storey-height panels or shaped parts such as reveals and lintels.

Accommodating weight of natural stone. Fixed mechanically to structural substrate layers using shelf angles or specially made stone clips.

Laminating thin pieces of stone onto a carrier panel made from lightweight concrete is an alternative to making Cladding Panels. Because the two materials have similar physical characteristics, they work well together as a composite and provide good weather protection.

What Are The Benefits Of Stone Cladding ?


The appearance of Stone Cladding changes the look and feel of a surface. It’s elegance speaks for itself when you see the stunning appearance it portrays. Because natural stone is so unique it can either go down the road of no two colours are the same to being a complete different block colour. Because stone gives off such an exceptional look, you can have the option of so many colours and textures that it will completely transform the space your using it for.


 Stone naturally is a durable material and stone cladding for your cabins is crafted from Quartzite, Marble, Basalt, Lavastone and similar which are inherently durable. This is particularly important if you are using it on a well-used area. And for an exterior wall stone cladding is robust and can withstand the effects from all forms of nature. Come rain or wind your stone cladding is there to stay, it’s even fire resistant. which is a great added benefit.


 Because of it’s robust nature, you can literally use stone cladding anywhere. Whether this is for a fireplace, outside exterior or even a bathroom, stone cladding has got you covered. If you’ve got a vivid imagination, you can have your stone designed to fit any area. It can be made to fit around your needs, with a spectacular finishing effect. Commercial real estate and architects have been using stone cladding solution for a few decades. 

Easy To Maintain 

Generally the cladding is best to be treated by applying a water based sealant, both internally and externally as this will keep the cladding in pristine conditions and greatly reduce the need to clean and maintain the surfaces


 Natural stone is quarried not made, so no two pieces are exactly the same – this unique beauty will give you a finish no one else has . Because stone comes in all shapes and sizes and colours to give your cabin a lovely variation across a surface or a honed stone cladding finish ( which involves smoothing all the cladding panels and will generally unify the colours for a higher uniform finish).