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Why Use A Shipping Container As An Office ?

Why Use A Shipping Container As An Office ?

Shipping Container Offices are constructed from NEW or Used ISO Shipping Containers which are lined, insulated and converted into portable cabins, offices or site accommodation units.

All bespoke designed and made to order to your individual requirements and specifications such as;

  • Site Offices
  • Canteens
  • Home Offices
  • Mess Rooms
  • Drying Rooms
  • Toilets
  • Showers
  • Welfare Units

Available in high quality 20 or 40 foot shipping containers which are ideal for office space and on of the main uses for converted shipping containers. Providing the perfect on-site solution for portable workspace and is more cost-effective and a flexible solution than renting an office space.

Fully equipped with electricity and modern fittings in both single or multi-storey blocks, shipping container offices provide an efficient and unique working space that will support any new or existing business.


  • Bespoke designed high end unit to meet exact specifications. Project will be managed from start to finish to match requirements


  • Completely flexible of designs with 20ft and 40ft containers completed with windows, doors, added insulation, power and shelving as required. Additional partitions and accessories can also be added for multiple functions, so that containers will be better optimised for your needs.


  • Affordability – Businesses have to tread carefully, keeping a balance between growing new revenue streams and keeping their fixed expenses minimal. Shipping containers allow you to build only as much office space as you need and expand in the future. Every valuable pound saved this way can be spent on growing the business.


  • Modular Buildings – Shipping Containers are modular, which means that the boxes can be added or removed as needed. Construction and customisation are easy. You can add partitions, stairs, private offices, storage units, meeting rooms, sliding doors, large windows, HVAC units and restrooms easily.


  • Mobility – The initial years in a business call for flexibility, such as , a location change or expansion, as another city or area may be better suited for growth. Compared to having to find another office building to lease and cancel the current lease, container offices are the easiest option.


  • Transportation – Shipping Containers can be easily transported within a county or across the UK, and set up a new office space or reconnect modules in the new location and resume business quickly


  •  Environmentally Friendly – There are always many options in shipping containers available to be reused as offices. Melting these containers can take over 8000 kWh of energy, whereas refurbishing them takes only 400 kWh. You can save the land from the damage caused by digging for a brick and mortar structure. You also reduce the fuel burnt during transportation of raw materials repeatedly and the environment damage caused by cement and brick production. Helping your office eco-friendly and more sustainable.


  • Start Operations Quickly – Finding an office space that is the right combination of floor size, budget, location and lease times can be a huge task. With shipping containers once created in a factory and delivered ready to use right away.


  • Size Of Business – Container offices are best for small to midsize businesses. If you have a large business with thousands of employees and need multiple buildings in a campus sprawling several acres, containerised offices are not ideal


  • Brand’s Image In The Market – Every business has a unique image in the market. An architecture firm, an IT company,and a law firm may build their brand identities in completely different ways. Consider how you want to present your brand to your clients


  •  Stage Of Maturity Of Your Business – Your business is already mature; you know your target market and your scope and area of operation. In such a case, changing physical location may not be called for at all.





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