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Portable Buildings & Shipping Containers In Education


The quality of a learning environment plays an essential role in the effectiveness of teaching and learning. Which is why more and more schools are using portable buildings to cope with the increasing numbers of students enrolling at schools.

Advantages Of Portable Classrooms

A portable building is a self-contained building which are produced off-site. In our case they are produced in our ISO- approved workshops in Hull, and can be delivered anywhere across mainland UK. Our portable classrooms offer a bright, airy and stimulating learning environments for pupils, with internal and external design chosen by you. They are also building regulation compliant and energy efficient.

The prospect of expanding a school  can be daunting, but we have a wealth of experience in providing portable classrooms across the UK. Our experienced team can also provide a complete turnkey package to ensure everything is taken care of, from the initial design to the finishing touches on your build, including planning and groundworks

Classrooms from Cabins & Containers come with

  • Bespoke classrooms designed to meet your specific requirements
  • Minimal disruption and improved site safety thanks to fewer vehicle movements and less noise and waste than a traditional construction site.
  • Well ventilated classrooms reduce CO2 build-up and improve concentration levels – Increased ventilation rates have been shown to improve maths and reading test scores
  • Plenty of natural light for a bright, welcoming environment – Pupils who work in a naturally lit school classroom have been shown to perform up to 26% better than in artificial light
  • All buildings installed with enhanced child safety in mind, and fitted with safety features such as finger guards on doors and low surface temperature heaters.
  • Well insulated, air-tight buildings fitted with movement-sensitive PIR lighting for enhanced energy efficiency.
  • Designed to meet permanent building regulations, including Part M, Equality ACT and SENDA
  • Mobile classrooms can easily be relocated from site to site if pupil numbers change

Coronavirus Schools

Cabins and Containers offer a variety of options which provide ideal solutions to implement social distancing in schools.

These range from smaller, stand alone buildings that can seat 9 right up to larger, modular classrooms that can replicate existing classrooms

We have worked with schools before designing bespoke classrooms here is a link to a case study of one

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