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Portable Buildings & Shipping Containers For The Construction Industry

Construction Background

The UK construction industry has had a huge impact on British Culture. Seeing work being done  all over the country , which has an impact on the national economy.

In 2018 the UK’s total revenue 6% was from the construction industry which came to £117 Billion. Which mirrored to the high rate of employment with 2.4 million active jobs in the construction industry which is 6.6% of the UK’s total jobs.

So with all these staff the construction industry need portable buildings for their sites to look after and help them complete their jobs at hand.

Site Office

Renting commercially can be very expensive, especially in Large Cities like London or Birmingham. Many businesses may choose to cut down on costs by sharing office space with others, or by allowing staff to work from home. However the option of a portable building has many advantages for business and yard owner. Such as;


Most portable cabins are made of strong steel, and they come equipped with sturdy padlocks for extra security. For more protection consider an Anti-Vandal unit for your office building. Which can come equipped with insurance approved padlocks and are made of corrugated steel for extra durability and strength

Cost Effective

The low cost of production means that portable buildings are considerably cheaper than permanent fitted sites. Which can be reused for a variety of purposes and projects, making them both environmentally friendly and economically viable.


The main benefit is the portability, allowing them to be relocated as and when you need. Such as moving construction site to a new project. They can also be customised with a variety of options like air conditioning, insulation and portable toilets.

Quick To Install

If you need a space onsite to take care of construction or building paperwork. Then a portable building is the perfect choice; they come pre-constructed, meaning they can be quickly assembled once they reach location on site.

Site Cabin

A site cabin can provide a working environment with a structured foundation and base for employees which is safe and secure. A point of reference and location, a site cabin can provide workers with a comfortable environment to maximise working potential and standards resulting in increasing productivity.

Portable Toilets

Just like in an office space or hospitality business, construction sites are required to ensure there are adequate toilet facilities for workers to use.

Ideal for larger, more time – consuming projects, flushing toilets are the best solution, connecting them to a mains water supply and drainage system meaning the construction is well suited to cater the workers. If there isn’t a way to connect to the mains there are toilets with their own in-built water supply and drainage tanks that can be ideal replacements.

Our Porta Cabin Toilets are all bespoke built to order to provide whatever is required from the building and for a construction site the basics are usually the ideal specifications for our prefabricated toilets and shower blocks

Washing Facilities

Construction is up there for the most messy industry going. Working with paint and mortar and other messy materials and substances which means workers can get dirty by the end of a shift, so a washing facility is important for staff.

Usually situated close by the toilets and changing rooms, washrooms should have a clean supply of hot and cold water, adequate ventilation and sinks that are large enough for employees to wash their hands, face and forearms.

If a construction project is working on a site dealing with toxic substances or hazardous materials, more substantial forms of washing facilities are required so workers are safe from the threat of contamination.

Changing Rooms & Lockers

Just like toilets and washing rooms, having a dedicated space for workers to change from personal protective gear so can stay safe on site.

It’s important to have a changing room allowing workers to wear PPE. Usually situated in a cabin split into gender- specific changing areas. Also an area to dry wet clothes by racks or electric heaters.

Also ideal for storing employees personal belongings in lockers, however this is not enough an anti-vandal is the ideal cabin for this situation.


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