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Portable Cabins & Shipping Containers In The Cafe & Retail Industry

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The reuse of using old shipping containers is gaining in popularity in recent times, due to the environmentally friendly of recycling them for other purposes such as in the Food & Drink Services as well as Retail.

Coffee Shop

The most popular use of portable buildings in this sector – either for roasting or a retail outlet for selling hot drinks. Shipping containers can provide an ideal environment for brand new businesses or large franchise chains.

Quick and easy to design and build, they can be in the form of a kiosk, booth or pop up shop and moved around from place to place or festival to festival.

The added advantage is if a location doesn’t work, can simply move it to another location. You can sell almost anything from a converted shipping container. For larger needs, modular buildings are well suited to creating spacious indoor seating areas in a café environment.

Mobile Bar

Nearly all events have a bar, whether it is at a live concert, festival, street fair, carnival or seasonal market shipping containers are the ideal solution as they are portable, easy to set up before the event and simple to remove afterwards.

Pop-Up Shop

Shipping containers provide an easily moveable sales base that stands out and looks attractive for permanent, occasional and seasonal uses.

Seasonal Storage

Most retail shops have a peak season, often around Christmas or Easter. Shops also have surplus outside space especially ones situated on retail parks.

If you are the manager of a retail outlet, metal storage containers are an ideal way to help you manage seasonal stocks so you don’t let customers down.

These can be fitted with externals such as lights, anti-condensation coatings and can be supplied with easy opening handles too so anyone can operate the doors and access stock quickly.

Vinyl Wrapping

Perfect for this sector vinyl wrapping a coffee shop, bar or food shop allows you to promote your business with company colours or logos. As well as this can put sales and offers directly on the cabin or even the menu of what you sell. Lasting for 7 years if treated correctly and to hide a worn down cabin it’s ideal for this industry.

Restaurants & Catering Containers

Growing more popular is converting containers into a catering unit or restaurant. The size of the catering unit or restaurant can vary according to location and budget, such as converting a 20ft container to include a kitchen and serving hatch for street foods. Even converting them into a larger restaurant structure in an urban environment. As containers come in standard 20ft and 40ft sizes. They are easy to stack together and with minimal conversion and can be fabricated into a much larger structure. With recycling being a main factor to consider in modern architecture it is the right idea to use a converted shipping container.

Market Street Containers

Over the decades Camden has always been synonymous with markets, so in 2020 they decided to make a shipping container market.

The eco-friendly Buck Street Market consists of 26 food brands housed which are committed to sustainable practices and over 50 ethical fashion trends with the entire market operating a zero plastic policy.

The market has raised questions about gentrification, it is unclear if any of the old Buck Street Market traders have been housed in the stacking shipping containers. However, the market is clearly trying to appeal to the local community.


As the world is becoming more eco-friendly stores and food outlets are hoping onto this new age way of thinking by building out of recycled shipping containers which appeals to the younger generations of this country.

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