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Portable Cabins & Shipping Containers For The Agriculture Industry

Portable Cabins & Shipping Containers For The Agriculture Industry

Agriculture and Horticulture is one of the UK’s most diverse and largest industries. Using 69% of the country’s land area, employing 1.5% of the population and contributing 0.6% of the country’s gross profit. It occurs in most rural locations concentrated for crops in East Anglia and live stock in the South West.

Container Storage

Buying shipping containers for storage in agriculture is popular. Due to the versatile and customisable nature of a simple container. And can be used for a variety of reasons. These are perfect for farmers as they can use them for a number of things changing on a weekly basis, such as:

  • Animal Feed Stores – Storing animal feed can be troublesome as sometimes using traditional sheds and barns made from wood are not as water tight and secure. So a container keeps out the elements and pests after the feed as well.
  • Tool & Equipment Stores –  Farming equipment can be expensive and must be protected from only possible damage and stored safely. As standard all containers are completely watertight and with the option to add additional safety features to containers so tools and equipment’s remain secure, undamaged and in tip top condition.
  • Vehicle Garage – Keeping vehicles safe and secure is a no-brainer with a shipping container. A 20ft shipping container is the size of an average garage. For larger farm vehicles stacking and converting containers for more width and height to bespoke design to meet the requirements needed.
  • Chemical, Fertiliser and Pesticide Storage – Storing pesticides, fertilisers and chemicals in a fully compliant COSHH shipping container ensures to meet government standards of protecting against any harm to humans, animals and surrounding environment. Our “bespoke” agricultural chemical stores come in various sizes and types meeting COSHH guidelines.

Office & Welfare Accommodation For Agri-Business

With land prices going up and up in price and farmers expanding their businesses through rental and lease(contract farming) arrangements.

They are also using portable units such as Jackleg and Steel Cabin range as offices, meeting spaces, canteens and toilet facilities, to provide flexible accommodation that can be sold or relocated simply and cheaply to another farm at the end of the agreement.

Agriculture Seasonal Worker Accommodation

Farms mainly in the crop sectors have very seasonal needs when crops are ready to be picked. So with the extra staff they need a place to house them with a canteen and washing facilities in a steel or jackleg range. Which can be stored away and moved in the quieter months.

Health & Hygiene For Farms And Fresh Produce Sector

Farms in which they supply fresh food are required by law to meet food and hygiene regulations. Again only being required some of the time a portable toilet/shower or welfare accommodation is the perfect solution

Growing Containers And Vertical Farming

Recent advances in technology such as aquaponics, hydroponics and LED lighting have seen a large increase in the need for enclosures from which to grow products.

Converted shipping containers have proved to be an ideal, readily available and robust base for converting into container farms which usually provide significant savings in water and energy use.

A hydroponic vertical farm is fully climate controlled and built inside of a compact 32 square foot container. This makes it uniquely qualified to not only meet the demand for local food by allowing you to put it anywhere even in the middle of a city, but also provide the same level of freshness all year round.



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