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Protecting The World’s Oldest Studio

Ealing Studios

Founded in 1902 by Will Baker, Ealing studios is the oldest studio in the world screening the first version of Hamlet back in 1910. It is home to five different size stages from one thousand square feet to ten thousand, three of these are classic 1930’s sound stages and the other two are smaller stages perfect for VFX ( Visual Effects), Camera Tests, Pack Shots and Stills.

Home to countless TV shows, dramas and feature films, recent productions they have been apart of our “The Durrells Season 3”, “Murder On The Orient Express”, “Black Mirror Season 5” and many more. They work closely with production companies such as the BBC, Fragile Films and Studio Canal so have established themselves over the years with some of the big shots in the industry so need something to help them make sure all of their stars are protected and looked after with a Security Cabin.

We have provided them with a 20 foot by 10 foot New Skid-Mounted Security Cabin with some additional features such as:

  • 5 Vertical Roller Blinds 1200 mm Window
  • 1 Vertical Roller Blinds 1350 mm Window
  • 1 u-PVC French-Style Doors
  • Roof Overhang
  • Cedral Lap Cladding

Additional Options

We offer additional optional window alternatives to most of our Cabins with a variety of colours and the option for them to be foil-wrapped.

We also offer alternative cladding options for our Cabins, this one for Ealing Studios uses a Blue Cedral Lap Cladding

But this is just an example of many different types of cladding we can provide.

Timber, Brick, Vinyl-Rendered are just some of the options we offer on our cabins.

as well as this with our wood cladding we offer different colours you can choose from to give you cabin a personal touch.

Below Is A Link To Our Alternative Cladding Options.
As Well As Colour Charts For Our Products And How To Get In Contact With Us For More Information


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