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New Finance Adviser

Our New Finance Advisers Gable Asset Finance

Gable Asset Finance experts in the business finance market across a variety of industries such as manufacturing, printing, haulage and construction amongst others.

Their experience in commercial finance has helped businesses to buy new vehicles, move to new or bigger properties, invest in state-of-the-art technology, fund expansion plans and turn themselves around from difficult situations such as Covid.

Companies such as ourselves choose Gable for advice on finance because:

  • Quick Decisions
  • Fast Finance Turnaround
  • Experienced Advisers
  • Financing Equipment For 10 + Years
  • Millions Of Pounds Of Equipment Funded
  • Varied Access To Lenders
  • Works With Sole Traders To Large Corporations

A Few Of Gable’s Finance Solutions Include

Hire Purchase

Hire purchase is a direct repayment process through which you eventually own your asset.

Repayments are planned to be flexible and structured with initial payments or balloon that is final lump sum payment.


  • Total Control Over Assets With Ownership
  • Ownership Will Also Carry Potential To Claim Writing Down Capital Grants, Allowances Including Improved First Year Allowances
  • Normally Reclaim VAT Over Asset Cost
  • Interest Over Repayments Are Claimed For Relief In Tax
  • Assets Can Appear On Your Yearly Balance Sheet

Sales & Leaseback

Option of sale and leaseback over equipment or other assets is a very advantageous method of fetching funds from them while it still remains under your right to use them.

The deals of sale and leaseback are common for buildings or lands but recently, it’s also a common deal for expensive, heavy and big prices of equipment


  • Access To Tied Up Cash From The Assets That Are Already Owned
  • Zero Downtime
  • No Retraining For New Equipment
  • Raised Funds Returned To Share Holders
  • Helps Free Up Capital
  • Risk Of Ownership & Property Is Transferred To The Buyers
  • Deals Come With Tax Benefits As Cost Can Be Offered Against Profit


  • Outgoings Of Business Increases Over The Profit And Loss Perspectives
  • Elevated Costs
  • There Might Be Some Capitol Gains And Tax Implications. A Sale Followed By A Leaseback As A Form Of Finance Lease May Turn Into A Profit In Case The Capitol Value Credited To The Asset For Lease Is Longer Than The Original Carrying Value Of Some Asset In The Vendor Book Or Lease Up To The Time Of Sale

We are looking forward to working closely with Gable Asset Finance in helping us and our customers get the advice they need to help them in purchasing a Portable Cabin Or Container from us.


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