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Types Of Chemical Stores

Different Types Of Chemical Stores

A chemical store is a facility used to house hazardous chemical substances and their associated waste products. They are usually prefabricated structures, manufactured off-site, and transported to the worksite either fully assembled or ready to be assembled.

Unlike storage lockers, they are large enough to store a number of chemicals within a single space without creating a significant risk of hazardous interactions between chemicals could occur. They also provide enough interior space for employees to move and work within.

Chemical stores are classified as Group H (Highly Hazardous) buildings under the International Building Code (IBC)

Chemical stores use materials that are resistant to fire and other chemical-related hazards. They provide segregation between chemical hazards and employees in the work environment. In order to reduce the risk of an incident occurring within the building, it must be designed with adequate ventilation, spill containment units, and non-combustible lighting and heating sources. Units may also feature lightweight roofs or relief panels to act as a form of explosion relief and reduce the chance that the building or it’s contents could pose a shrapnel hazard.

There are many different types of chemical stores available such as

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COSHH Stores

Bunded COSHH stores are “sub-floor” Bunded chemical stores which can provide safe and secure storage of hazardous substances or flammable materials which must be stored in compliance with COSHH regulations being that all these plus any pesticides or fertilisers are stored safely to protect human, animal and environmental welfare, perfect for agricultural chemical stores.

Bunded COSHH stores are converted from ISO shipping containers having a sub-floor bund with a raised mesh floor. This avoids the potential trip hazard of an additional step and allows any hazardous or flammable materials drain into the sump below the pedestrianised area protecting users of the container from any harm from any hazardous substances stored within the chemical store.

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Bunded Chemical Stores

Bunded chemical stores are also converted from standard ISO shipping containers, either using NEW (one-trip) or used containers available in 20ft, 40ft long and 8ft wide. Each store has a catchment area with a 300mm Bund at the entrance complete with a drainage tap, 4 no. large louvre vents , a factory fitted lock-box and hazard warning labels.

Unlike COSHH stores who follow COSHH regulations, Bunded stores follow BASIS regulations.


BASIS is an independant standards setting and auditing organisation for the pesticide, fertiliser and allied industries

BASIS practise the following

  • Offer a range of recognised qualifications and examinations for people working in the pesticide, fertiliser and related sectors
  • Operates an annual inspection scheme to audit pesticide stores and ensure their operation presents minimal risk to people and the environment
  • Manages the Professional Registers for qualified pesticide and fertiliser advisers and for public health pest control professionals
  • Operates the BASIS Advanced Contractor Certification Scheme (BACCS) and the new Amenity Assured standard to raise and maintain good practise standards in the amenity and industrial pesticide sectors
  • Provides a forum for industry trade associations and other stakeholders to discuss how professional standards can be maintained, improved and promoted.
  • Works closely with industry, the regulatory authorities and government to promote and develop professional standards
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Flat-Pack Chemical Stores (Expandachem)

Expandachem is the UK’s most popular flat pack bunded storage unit and thanks to it’s unique design, provide safe and secure storage for materials in previously inaccessible places. Each Expandachem unit has a suspended grated floor above a sump that safely collects leaked or spilled materials and the double doors afford excellent access as well as feature a secure double locking system.

Some key features included in Expandachem’s are

  • Fully Galvanised Body, With Powder Coated Double Doors
  • Easily Returned To Flat Pack State Means Less Storage Space When Not In Use
  • Fully Expandable (Modular) Capability
  • Optional ‘Snap-In’ Shelf Uprights And Arms
  • Optional External Powder Coated Painting
  • Great Value For Money
  • Comes With A Double Locking System For Additional Security
  • Sumped Base With Suspended Floor Grate, For Containing Spillages
  • Can Be Simply Craned Using Special Lifting Eyes, Even With Contents In Place

Flat-Pack chemical stores are uniquely designed which means they can be delivered in flat-pack form then carried into position for easy assembly. The components will even fit down narrow passageways opening up a whole new range of possible locations for use. Assembly is simple and there is no special tools needed and can be fully assembled in just 40 minutes.

Hazardous Materials Stores

Hazardous Materials Stores are designed and engineered to meet the requirements for safe and secure storage of highly flammable liquids, petroleum spirits, gas and pesticides. The hazardous Materials Stores provide you with the means to meet the extensive demands of today’s legislation whilst at the same time minimising the risk to people and the environment.

Unlike other chemical stores , hazardous materials stores are bespoke built to order and not converted from ISO shipping containers. Instead our made with fully galvanised structural steel panels with internal supports with wall sections that are welded to the perimeter of both bunded base and roof panels.

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