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Cabins and Containers New Website

All Change

We have a lot of changes on the horizon that we’re very pleased to reveal, starting with our new website.

Our new look website has been only a few months in the making, but a long time coming. We’re always keen to move with the times, and though our previous website presented our products well, we’ve always felt we could do better. This new look website gives us much more space to showcase our products, and provide a lot more examples of the multitude of practical applications each of our portable building ranges has. The bespoke nature of most of our products can mean it’s difficult to demonstrate all of the possibilities to our clients, and this new website should help us to achieve this. Any and all feedback is always welcome, so get in touch if you have any comments.

Along with the refreshed look of our website, we’re also currently working on updating all of our product brochures. The portable building industry can be a minefield for those who haven’t purchased before, and due to the bespoke nature of the industry and similarities between ranges, we’re focusing our efforts on trying to differentiate each of our products while assisting potential clients with what can be a very complex purchasing decision. We’re also removing some of the unnecessary blurb to present the new brochures in a clearer way, separating the technical specifications that some clients won’t understand from general product information that all clients would be interested in. The results are already looking good and we’re hoping to have the first few new look brochures up on the site within the next few weeks.

We’re also pleased to now be able to publish news more frequently, both here on the website and on our social media platforms. We have a lot of news to share including a brand new product that we’re in early development stages with, and our new and improved Security Hut range.

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