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Flat-Pack Modular

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Flat Pack Steel Modular Buildings are a flexible modular construction system which allows for individually designed space solutions with many layout options.

These Modular Office Cabins can be used either as individual units or in combinations to form larger modular buildings. By leaving out wall panels and installing partition walls any room size can be created to suit your requirements.

The individual cabins can be linked side by side, end to end or in both directions simultaneously, they can also be stacked on top of each other to form 2 storey or 3-storey buildings (internal staircases - available as an option).

High-quality PVC windows with double glazing and integrated roller shutters come included together with a recessed CEE power connector within the roof frame.

Height of cabins, when packed, is 648mm. Packs weigh slightly more than assembled cabins. All designs are subject to alterations.

Extended height units are also available with an external height of 2,800mm (2540mm Internal, 864mm packaged).


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External Sizes & Dimensions

Unit SizeLength(mm)Width(mm)Height(mm)Weight(kg)

Internal Sizes & Dimensions

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